Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors repairs are prompted by faults during the operational life time of a garage door. Wear and tear aspect takes its toll on the garage doorways due long usage periods. Sunrise garage doors are professionals in repairs of all kind of faults and doors.

Garage Doors Repairs

When does you garage door needs repairs?

  • Sections of your garage door are sagging.
  • Making excessive noise due to fault springs or openers or opener brackets.
  • Noisy when opening and closing.
  • Wire keeps unwinding off the spinal.
  • Unable to operate single or double garage door.
  • Roll up garage door not working with remote.
  • Cables slipping off the wheels.
  • Shakes during opening.
  • Opens slowly.
  • Garage door off the tracks.
  • Garage door is stuck.
  • Sensors not working.
  • Door runs off the tracks.
  • Garage door wires keeps unwinding.
  • Spinal getting wrapped around a pole
  • Garage door does not close or open properly.
  • Replacing 40 panel sectional wooden door.
  • Unable to operate single roll-up door with remote.
  • Cables have slipped over the wheels.

Preventive Maintenance for Garage Door

Sunrise Garage Doors conducts maintenance procedure by examining your garage door performance :-

  • If your garage door is not properly balancing
  • Inspecting rollers if they are cracked, worn or chipped.
  • Examine and tighten all roller brackets and bolts with a socket wren
  • Observing garage door movement if there are jerks and or friction.
  • Lubricating the moving parts with lithium grease.
  • Checking for broken strands and damage near the bottom roller bracket.
  • Checking all garage door cables and accessories.

Warrants after garage doors repairs

Every garage door repair is done with care and accuracy that in most cases their is no need for followup. However, if in rare cases the repairs are a deviation from the standard we accept responsibility. We make sure that the repairs are redone to meet our standards at no extra costs to the customer. Our mission is to guarantee first time reliable and professional repairs thereby saving you and us time, money and resources. Sunrise Garage Doors technicians are well trained to accomplish these tasks with easy.