Parktown Garage Doors Repairs


Our company has been providing garage doors services in Parktown for over 10 years. Garage doors are great home security feature. However, they also need a lot of maintenance because the parts experience wear and tear and can soon become faulty. What’s more, faulty and neglected garage doors become a threat to human and pets life.

With our  Parktown service, you can be sure that garage doors at home or office are perfectly operational and maintained all the time. Sunrise Garage Doors offer a great services at the best affordable and reasonable prices.

Why the need for professionals to fix your garage doors?

Parktown garage doors is an owner operated family run business. Given Parktown is in an area with many services available we take pride in the thorough service and combined reliable services that we offer.

While once off maintenance definitely does ensure smooth operation of your garage doors, it does not provide 100% efficiency. That’s where our services come in handy. We provide regular garage doors maintenance plans that offers close examination of all parts and fixes.

While yearly maintenance is a good habit, you must hire a professional garage doors experts like us for a more regularly checks. This ensure that garage doors are in perfectly working conditions. We also service surrounding areas in Johannesburg such as Fourways, Randburg and Sandton.