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We specialize in residential, industrial, commercial and institutional garage doors installations in Johannesburg area. Sunrise Garage Doors Johannesburg are expects in installation all garage doors models and makes. Our garage doors services uses the latest technologies and standards to install doors ensuring quicker, efficient and perfect garage door installation. We have served Johannesburg commercial and residential clients with pride and we have left a good mark in every place that we had an installation.

We boast ourselves of the being the best garage doors installers in Johannesburg. We have a team of well trained technicians, very friendly, trustworthy and hard working. Our technicians in Johannesburg will come to your house in pairs so as to ensure a great team work. Got a new garage doors installation? Do not worry, our technicians will do that for you and make sure a perfect garage door installation is in place.

We also offer garage doors spares and parts at their best and most unbeatable price in Johannesburg area. Our technicians will cater for the installation side after we supply you with your order. This makes Sunrise Garage Doors a one stop shop for fit and supply of all garage doors. We also have a garage doors automation division to convert your manual garage door to a remote controlled. Sunrise garage doors and automation is the most professional and reliable service provider in Johannesburg.

Reasons to install a garage door

  • Increase security to your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.
  • Eliminate car hijack with an automated garage door.
  • Increases appearance and value of property.
  • Take advantage of Bluetooth and internet garage doors openers.
  • Insure a environmental friendly to your family and pets.

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