Garage Doors Types

Types of garage doors to meet your needs

Chromadek – The most favored and recommended due to their long life span. Chromadek double garage door prices are affordable yet they give a beautiful eye catching appeal. In addition chromadek garage doors come in man colours such as brown, white and charcoal. Despite its suitability to domestic use some chromadek doors are customised for industrial use. Chromadek garage door comes in many varieties as show below :-

  • Single panel
  • Single charcoal
  • Double panel
  • Charcoal 20 Panel
  • Charcoal Slate
  • Brown 20 Panel
  • Brown Slat
  • White 20 Panel
  • Single White Panel

Wooden garage  door

This type is made from durable timber making it not prone to termites attacks due to the hardness of the wood. Well polished wood always give an edge of beauty the varnish protects the door from soaking water. In addition to its high security features the wooden door can be easily automated. Wooden garage doors comes in a variety of designs as per the list below.

Single Wooden Doors

10 panel20 panel30 panelBarnBrickGlass BarnSlatted Finger JointSlatted Glass FingerjointTuscan GlassTuscanCharcoal SlatWhite Slat Roll-up whiteRoll up BrownGarage Door Roll –upDouble sectional title steelSingle sectional panel steelSingle sectional panel hardwoodGarage Motor Digi OneDouble sectional slat hardwood

Double Wooden Garage Doors

20 panel40, 60 panelBarn DoorDouble BrickFingerjointed SlatGlass Barn DoorGlass Finger Jointed SlatSolid SlattedDouble TuscanTuscan GlassBlack 20 panelBone 20 panelBronze SlatBrown 20 panelBrown SlatCharcoal SlatDark Grey 20 panelWhite 20 panelWhite SlatWoodlook 20 panelWoodlook Slat