Garage door automation – Smart Garage Door Openers


Garage door automation involves transforming a manually operated door into a remote-controlled system. From a distance one can open or close the garage door through a press of a button. Sunrise garage doors has been automating many garage doors in Johannesburg and Mpumalanga. This technology uses remote control and wall mounted sensors that triggers the operation of the doors. In addition, battery backup components power the garage door system during power outages or load shedding. In the event of failure to operate the doors due to a faulty on battery backup our support team will assist to manually operate the gateway.  Garage door automation enhances safety and security to your vehicles fleet and premises.

Wi-fi and bluetooth controlled garage door openers

The advent of mobile application most remote control are being replaced by smartphones apps. Wi-fi and bluetooth technologies have been developed to incorporate chips and sensors into the Android and iPhone. Programmed software will interfaces between the garage door and sensors via wi-fi and bluetooth. In some cases the garage door can be operated from longer distances from home. This is an advantage in the case when you have visitors and you are not at home. Your visitors can safely park in your garage then wait for you reduce risks of them being robbed or mugged even their car hijacked.

Internet controlled garage doors openers

An increase in online application has seen innovations towards internet controlled remotes for latest garage doors. Latest garage door are fitted with internet gateways linking the garage door to cyberspace. A user can send shut or open instruction from the internet that will initiate the garage door to response to the instruction. This is idle as a backup option in the case of one loosing the remote. In addition, there are security features that prevent cloned remotes from operating the garage door.

Advantages of garage door automation

  • Built-in anti-crushing circuitry that stops the door to stop and reverse if an obstruction is detected. This will prevent serious damages or injury to people, animals and properties.
  • Adjustable speed gives you ultimate control when opening and closing the garage door.
  • Provision of total security at the press of a button. This on-board high security feature allows you to electronically lock your garage door by pressing the wireless wall switch or remote control buttons.
  • The manual override can be disengaged and then re-engaged in any position. If you are going away on holiday you can also electronically lock your gate so that not even a learned-in remote control can operate the door.
  • Garage door automation bring n auto close provision if you forget to close your garage door. If you need the door to remain open overriding auto close is done by the press of a button.
  • Door service monitors use sensing technology that tracks the conditions of your door springs. A lamp will flash and a buzzer sounds when your doors are worn out