Garage Door Services

Reliable Garage Doors Services

Garage doors services entails maintaining your garage doors operational smooth and efficient.. Over time lubrication runs dry causing a lot of friction between garage door components. Some screws start loosening and garage doors get off the rails resulting in operational issues. To maintain proper functioning of the garage door Sunrise Garage doors does contract work to maintain garage ports gateways.

Domestic and industrial Services

Sunrise garage doors goes miles extra by dealing with industrial and commercial garage doors. Providing installation, automation and repairs service on top of parts and accessories sales. Listed are the major works we reliable perform on industrial garage doors.

–Installations and Automation
– Repairing  Pro-Alpha 2000 motors
– Fixing Pro-Alpha PC Boards
– Pro-Alpha travelling gear
– Springs replacement
– Panels replacement
– General services and adjustments

General Garage Doors Services

  • Garage Door Tune-Up and Roller Replacements
  • Roller garage door installation.
  • Replace garage rollers.
  • Lubrication of entire garage door.
  • Garage Door Inspection.
  • Reset garage door cables.
  • Ensuring all bolts are tight.
  • Broken spring replacements

Additional Garage Door Services

Supply and fitting of battery back-up garage door motors

Repairs, adjustment and service of garage doors and motors

Supply and fitting of garage door parts i.e. springs, hinges, wheels and remotes

Repairs and service on PRO-ALPHA and DIGI II MOTORS

Backup Batteries replacement

Motors fitment

Remote and Hinges

Garage doors, parts and accessories sales

– Hinges

– Wheels

– Tracks

– Springs

– Backup Motors

– Battery backup motors

– Remotes

– Plastics

– Curves

– Rollers

– Pulleys

– Cables